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Party Like A Porn Star In Las Vegas Baby!

January 1, 2010 - 9:02 pm 4 Comments

I wasnt going to celebrate the new year with anything special – maybe just a glass of champagne in front of the fireplace and watch a little TV but then I got invited by the hot Ms Foxxxy to head out to Vegas and bring in the new year. Now my year ended a little rocky with a very bad break up from a 2 year relationship with my ex stealing all my belongings and having just come out of surgery only a month ago I was sure I was up for it – surgery/ meaning my brand new D Cup Boobies!

But I am so glad I did! This year has been an amazing one for my career although not so much in my personal life. The launch of my solo feature website that I dreamed years about having one day and the release of my 1st feature DVD in my series coming out this year that I co produced and directed. And getting the chance to work with such an amazing company who really welcomed me with open arms like a family and helped nurture me into the pro polished model Ive become to share myself with all my fans!

So I figured damnit I deserve and it was a blast! Jamie Paige, Danielle Foxxx, Foxxy and few of their friends tore the strip up! We partied VIP at JET till 4:30 in the morning and I didnt get gome till 12 noon hahahah