My Birthday Celebration In Hawaii

I just took some time off to finally rest a bit – my schedule has been very hectic, so I decided to go to Hawaii for my birthday. It was an absolute delight to be pampered and bath in the sun for a week! We began our journey on the north shore of Oahu and checked into our beach cottage and spent most of the time relaxing on the beach and swimming. During one of the afternoon hikes we stumbled across some private locations to shoot some naughty stuff for you all. Enjoy a few candids and look out for the latest photos and videos of my birthday adventure on the site muah!

2 Responses to “My Birthday Celebration In Hawaii”

  1. paul Says:

    You are really the most beautiful of the world, no doubt.
    I wrote to you but your email box is always full, so i try here.
    I’m interested in a private booking, is it still possible ?

  2. mike Says:

    u are so fine