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My 2010 AVN Awards Show Dress

February 13, 2010 - 3:06 pm Comments Off on My 2010 AVN Awards Show Dress

OK so Ive been getting tons of compliments on this dress which I wore to the 2010 AVN Awards and for my AVN behind the scenes shoot at home I did for my site with Danielle Foxxx.

This dress was the only one I even considered wearing. It is a design inspired by Alexander Wang and I wouldve just wore his original design but I couldnt get my hands on it anywhere. Megan Fox wore it on the cover of Elle and Kanye West GF Amber Rose wore it to a major fashion show in Paris, none the less I figured I could do the dress justice so I called in favors to get it and even flew into Manhatten, NYC to Saks and Niemans among other places to find it and couldnt.

So eventually I went with Danielle to her private couture designer in LA. His name is Christian – I love me some him hahaha his lable is called Rebellion Dog. So I showed him the dress design for inspiration and he turned it out for me without 1 fitting! Can you believe it! He also did my dresses for the 2010 XBiz Awards in LA which I will share with you later.